Trichoderma Bio fungicide

Trichoderma is a group of antagonistic fungal agents able to fight a variety of crop plant fungal diseases. It is a free living fungus borne from the soil which develops rapidly and produces millions of minutes of colored green spores. We are manufactured Trichoderma bio fungicide in India which is effective in combating all kinds of soil borne diseases like wilt, vascular wilt, root rot, rhizome rot, and vine wilt of all crops. And it secretes a variety of extra cellular compounds such as gliotoxin, virdin, etc, which by antibiosis inhibits pathogens.

Anand Agro Care developed in 2009 is involved and leading in Trichoderma bio fungicide manufacturers and suppliers in Nashik, India. We optimize our strong infrastructure with a professional moulders team upgrading equipment and machines that allow us to produce an efficient range of high-quality products in relatively short time. Our greatest strength is our men, according to our director Mr. Ghanshyam Prakash Hemade. We appreciate their knowledge and adopt the collaborative management method in which employees are encouraged to take initiatives.

Trichoderma bio fungicide containing trichoderma viride, which restricts the number of pathogens in plants that are responsible for various diseases. Our Dr. Bacto's Herz product is a Trichoderma bio fungicide in India containing Mycoparasitic Fungi spores and conidia. Dr. Bacto's Herz prevents seedlings from attacks by soil-borne pathogens causing root / collar / stem rots, wilts, damping offs, leaf blights, etc.

Key benefits of Trichoderma Bio fungicide

  • Controls most of the soft bodies sucking insect
  • Controls wide range of soil borne disease
  • Perfect bacterial count
  • Helps to maintain the ecological balance