Sticker Agent Suppliers

Sticker agent formulated to cover a large surface area. It is use with insecticides Fungicides for improving sticking and spreading quality of spray solution. It promotes plant growth by stimulating cell division Facilitate nutrient absorption by increases cell membrane permeability of roots hairs. Sticker agent’s surfactant makes the active ingredient spread more evenly across the leaf.

Anand Agro Care was established in 2009 as a prominent sticker agent manufacturer & suppliers in Nashik, India. We provide high quality agriculture products. Our main strength which is the quality of our products is due to the qualified professionals working for the formulation of the products. A client focused organization, we endeavour to offers a broad line of high-quality and affordable bio fertilizers. Our infrastructure occupies a wide area of space and has sectioned into various units. We have a well-knitted team that is committed to leveraging herbal science and pooling our great resources to enhance health and well-being at every stage of life.

Our product Anand Wet Gold is silicon based super spreader. It is a resin based material that will mix with the active ingredient and bind it to the surface of the leaf. It also interferes with the function of substances that are supposed to be systemic when binding it to the surface of the leaf. The only time I ever use spreader sticker type products are with contact fungicides, insecticides as are used on nursery crops.