Organic Plant Growth Promoter Manufacturer

Plant Growth Promoters promote cell division, cell enlargement, flowering, fruiting and seed formation. It is a unique tonic for plants developed from Indian medicinal herbs. It produces curative and medicinal effects in plants and is highly appropriate for all types of agriculture. Our provided plant growth promotor manufacturer is the substances that enhance the general well being and development of the plants.

Anand Agro Care is a well well-known in the market as a organic plant growth promoter manufacturer & supplier, Bio fertilizers, Bio pesticides, Bio fungicides, Bio nematicides, Herbal extracts, Micronutrients and etc which are used in the field of agriculture and are used in order to improve the productivity of the crops. The organic plant growth promoter also called as Expandor which is used for enlarging the size of the berries. Our strong infrastructure, complete in-house manufacturing process coupled with skilled team of moulders enables us to bring out very high quality products at relatively short time. We are dedicated to research & development, production and commercialization of environment friendly certified organic products for the growth and sustainability of agriculture.

The organic plant growth promotor we manufacture has been widely used in crops like cotton, peas, paddy, sugarcane and seed oil crops. This helps to increase the size of the plant and increase the flowering, thus higher yield. Our manufacturers of plant growth promoters manufactured the drug with the goal of rejuvenating natural products from mother earth. Plant Growth Promotor is 100% natural and enhances organic products ' shading and taste. The offered organic plant growth promotor supplier forestalls untimely shedding of blooms. That plant growth promotes efficient crop production, high quality as well as significant productivity.

Key Benefits of organic plant growth promoter

  • Revitalize Plants By Regulating and Stimulating Plant Hormonal System
  • ncreases the resistance to disease and stimulates growth
  • Revitalize Plants By Regulating And Stimulating Plant Hormonal System
  • Induces flowering abreast reduces flower drop
  • Increasing Crop & Vegetables tillering (shooting), increase grains filling and grains’ weight
  • Eco friendly and cost efficient alternative
  • Improves fruit taste, color and shape thereby boosting fruit quality