Bio Fertilizers Manufacturers & Suppliers

Bio fertilizers are the substance that contains microorganism’s living, which helps in promoting the growth of plants, trees by increasing the supply of essential nutrients to the plants. They are good source for enhancing the nutrient availability in soil and plants. A bio fertilizer is not just any organic fertilizer. It raises nutrients in the soil, or when added to grain, soil or living plants this makes them biologically accessible.

Anand Agro Care established in 2009 and made a name for itself in the list of top bio fertilizers manufacturers & suppliers in India. The agriculture company located in Nashik dedicated to research & development, production and commercialization of environment friendly certified organic products for the growth and sustainability of agriculture. Anand Agro care is leading as bulk suppliers of bio fertilizers, Bio pesticides, Bio fungicides, Bio nematicides, Herbal extracts, Micronutrients and plant growth promoters etc. Our product product helps in root development & profuse root branching as a consequences water & nutrient availability to crop increase. Our all units are outfitted with requisite facilities in order to fulfil large orders of clients within predetermined time frame. The processing unit is equipped with innovative processing machinery and equipment in order to process products as per the defined quality standards.

Our Dr. Bacto’s products useful soil micro organisms which can help plants to absorb nutrients. The most striking relationship that these have with plants is symbiosis, in which the partners derive benefits from each other. Bio fertilizers contain various types of fungi, bacteria from the root, or other microorganisms. As they grow in the soil, they form a mutually beneficial or symbiotic relationship to host plants. Bio fertilizers reduce the over-dependence of chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers appear to increase plant growth and yield, but the soil, animal and human health is significantly reduced.

Key Benefits of Bio fertilizers

  • Increase the nitrogen and phosphorus available to plants more naturally than other fertilizers
  • It helps in reclaiming the alkaline and saline soil for normal cultivation
  • Helps to protect plant from transplantation shock, salinity, alkaline condition
  • Helps increase in the beneficial microbial population in soil thereby improving overall soil health
  • Improves plant and soil health and also aids in soil fertility